The goal of my work is for you to be nothing short of breathless when you see your images.

Telling your story with pictures would be an honor for me. To be included as a part of your wedding day or welcomed into your home on an ordinary day is a privilege. Getting to know you, understand your relationships and tell your unique story will help me create beautiful, natural and emotional photographs which speak to the heart of your very soul. My work as a photographer is also a call to be a spirit-keeper, a family archivist and storyteller. So when I say its an honor, I am not just blowing smoke. Generations from now, your legacy will be marked on the pages of an heirloom-quality album. Your grandchildren will know you even if they n have never met you, and feel the love you share today.

I am a Pacific northwest native and the granddaughter and daughter of photographers. I have never known life without images being central to expression and memory. My work reflects a timeless approach to documenting people lives,incorporating elements traditional and modern portrait photography and documentary-style images. I hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Master of Eduction degree from Pacific Lutheran University.